About Us

I'm just a regular guy who loves the game of golf. Nothing special at all. I can shoot in the low 80's today and over 100 tomorrow.  That's just the way the game goes for me!

As someone who's currently learning to enjoy the little things in life and not worry too much about the score at the end of the round, I still believe that its important to look your best on the course and to have a great time while playing.  Anyone who knows me can attest to my golf shirt collection being anything but boring....

Which got me thinking... Why are golf towels so boring?

Fast forward through the COVID pandemic and I came up with the Spicy Golf Co.  A golf towel company that is anything but ordinary.

So come on, grab a Spicy towel, have some fun with it, and add a lil' flavor to your game!

Thanks in advance for the support!